Cancellation can only be made prior to travel date with valid reason for cancellation. The assist charges will not be refunded.

Single Trip Insurance:
The Single Trip Insurance is non-renewable, not cancelable and not refundable while effective. Cancellation of the Policy may be done only prior to the Effective Date stated in the Policy Schedule and will be subject to deduction of cancellation charge (Rs 200/ - ) by Tata Aig GIC LTD.

Further However We may cancel this Policy at any time on grounds of mis-representation, fraud, non-disclosure of material facts by giving you a 15 Days notice delivered to You, or mailed to Your last address as appears in Our records, stating when such cancellation shall be effective. In the event of cancellation for mis-representation, fraud, non-disclosure of material facts, the policy shall stand cancelled ab-initio and there will be no refund of premium.